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          1. How to buy stainless steel faucet_Stainless steel faucet price-Kaiping Fujia Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

            2018-08-30 718
            The new house has just been decorated, so beautiful! New flooring, new kitchen utensils, new wardrobe! Everything is new! But it won't be long! It’s time to come! Originally thought to be the most durable stainless steel faucet in addition to the results! So why is it so durable because it is stainless steel?
            Guangdong stainless steel faucet
            In fact, this outside is deep! Usually we have a very shiny "stainless steel" faucet on the market! If the price has not sung a hundred, its own weight is lighter! Then buy fakes in all likelihood! That is the zinc alloy after plating! Real stainless steel is very expensive! Expensive materials and processing are very difficult! Zinc alloy material is particularly prone to grain boundary corrosion, and the faucet is prone to damage! Ten out of ten is due to this reason!
            Another point is that the price is the same as the goods. Usually, the stainless steel tableware that we buy at the store is very expensive! But you can buy a few dollars on the roadside booth for ten dollars! I didn't feel much different in use! This situation! Don't be too contentious! Don't think that when I saw it, it was big and cheap! The reason why stainless steel on the roadside stalls is cheap! There are many because their stainless steel can be recycled steel, and the recycling is easy to mix with metal impurities. These metal impurities will gradually decompose out of the food when we use the tableware! The result you know!
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