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          1. Faucet knowledge_304 stainless steel faucet - Kaiping Fujia Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

            2018-08-30 661
            The safety of water for daily use is now more and more concerned by ordinary people. The troubles caused by water safety on the Internet are endless, and the rapid development of industry has caused 90% of the groundwater in the country to be polluted to varying degrees. Household water purifiers have become China. The necessities of many families now. Many households pay more attention to the problem of secondary pollution in the purification process, in addition to the hard targets such as filter elements and purification effects when purchasing water purifiers.
            Recently, Sina Home has released the "White Paper on the Quality of Household Water Purification in China", which confirms the consumers' concern about secondary pollution, especially the secondary pollution caused by leaded faucets. The data in the "White Paper" shows that clean water 51.56% of the respondents used the respondents to worry about secondary pollution of leaded faucets, second only to concerns about incomplete filtering.
            Many consumers may have questions about why metal faucets contain lead. In fact, most of the faucets on the market are cast copper alloys, which contain 4% - 8% of lead and other elements. Lead oxidizes when it encounters air, forming a protective film. When it comes into contact with water, this protective film will fall off and lead will be mixed into the water to form lead. Together, because tap water uses chlorine as a disinfectant, the residual chlorine in the water accelerates the aging of the faucet and lead. Generally, the use of copper faucets and water pipes for more than 5 years will increase the amount of lead released.
            [Ceramic Faucet] Using high-tech fine-made ceramic faucets, it is easy to switch and prevent leakage, completely avoiding the separation of various harmful substances, achieving the harmony of health and beauty.
            [Stainless steel faucet] Avoiding the global stainless steel casting process, the industry skill bottleneck of hexavalent chromium must occur. The craftsmanship + mechanical processing method is used to create the EU-standard environmental faucet, and there is a danger of interspersed pollution.
            Article from: 304 stainless steel faucet - Kaiping Fujia Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.
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